Let my passion inspire yours

I have been obsessed with the acoustic guitar since my parents bought me my first flat-top when I was ten years old. Ever since then the guitar has never been far from my thoughts or my hands.

Through the years I have had many opportunities to own and experience some of the best acoustic guitars ever made (I wish I would have kept a few more of them) and I began building custom guitars in the late 1990's after a brief stint remarketing vintage instruments. I was immediately hooked. Building instruments was the perfect cross section of my talents, skills and interests.

Building acoustic flat-top guitars has become my passion. — I am consumed with building the highest quality instruments possible – both in terms of materials and workmanship. I have trained with master luthiers Frank Finocchio, and Ervin Somogyi. Both are phenomenal guitar builders and each has influenced my work heavily.

Johnny Steiner
"My Poling guitar is fantastic! Not only is it stunning to look at, but the sound is rich and warm. I couldn't have asked for a better match for my singing voice."

–Johnny Steiner
  Professional Musician

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