The Drifter is my small "take anywhere" guitar. This model is loosely based off of the Martin 00 size guitar and while not exactly a travel guitar, it has the flexibility to go with you virtually anywhere. The Drifter boasts a warm, intimate voice that is perfect for intimate surroundings, session/recording work, and acoustic sets. I can voice this guitar to be perfect for a fingerstyle player looking to get a well balanced complex sound, or a gritty blues sound.


The Sierra is my contemporary Grand Concert sized guitar sporting a lower bout of 15". This guitar has a warm complex sound that has very even response across the entire spectrum. It is especially well suited to recording and fingerstyle work.


The Sedona is my interpretation of the modern small jumbo size guitar. It sports a 15-3/4" lower bout and a 4-1/2" deep body. This guitar delivers incredible power when driven hard, but can perform very well to a light fingerstyle touch as well. The popularity of this model results from its versatility and ability to rise to virtually any musical challenge.


This is my version of a Dreadnaught. A contemporary interpretation of the Gibson AJ; and even though the Highland weighs in with a massive 16 1/4" lower bout the guitar is lightly built with an Adirondack Red Spruce top and rosewood back and sides. This guitar has exceptional tone, a strong fundamental, great low end, and incredible volume — perfect for accompaniment or flat-picking.

Custom Guitar Requests

Customers ask me to build interpretations of various models all the time. I am a custom guitar maker and always willing to consider building something to your exact specification. Please call me if you would like to discuss a custom model.

Electric Guitars

I build custom electric guitars on a limited basis, please inquire if you are interested in discussing an electric guitar commission.

I have a selected listing of my available tonewoods available for your custom guitar. Click here to see what is currently available.

Side Bars
Are you interested in finding out what the custom guitar of your dreams would cost? Click here for a list of options and pricing, or feel free to call me at 614.746.5695.